Amalia + Brian – County Pines – Lincoln, Ne



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Bridal Gown: Azurite Bridal, Catering and Reception Venue: Country Pines, Pie: Wheeler Family Farms, DJ: Rik Minnick, Hair and MakeUp: W Hair Studio and Spa (Tasha Lourham and Heather Artz)

From the Bride: The inspiration I had for our wedding was country vintage. We just wanted the wedding to reflect the beautiful outdoor location. I wanted to create handcrafted pieces for our wedding because it would mean more to both of us. It felt like I worked on DIY projects forever but in all reality, our engagement was only 7.5 months. I handcrafted out of fabric all the bridesmaid bouquets, the groomsmen and groom’s boutonnieres, my bouquet, as well as the parents flowers. I sewed all the groomsmen bowties and crafted all the bridesmaids gifts (a belt and hairpiece). I also made my hairpiece and garter. 

Once I started “crafting” I really couldn’t stop! I decided to make tissue puff balls for the reception area, tissue flowers for the alter and pinwheels for down the aisle. The only problem was that it rained right before the ceremony (it was outside) so my pinwheels had to be taken down. At that point I was just glad the rain stopped. There was even a rainbow which made the rain worth it!

The centerpieces consisted of vases that were thrifted over time and the table covers were cut from old thrifted sheets and curtains. The flowers for the centerpieces were bought in bulk and arranged by us the day of. We wanted to offer something different for our favors. Brian came up with the idea of tomatoes. We contacted a local farmer who provided us with delicious tomatoes for our guests to take home. For dessert we wanted to have pies instead of cake because it felt very country to us. My grandma made a small cake for us to cut so that we could have some tradition.

The biggest thing that I wanted for our day was to be calm. Dana, our photographer, helped keep things flowing smoothly. Sometimes I didn’t even notice her there, which I believe is a sign of a great wedding photographer. I wanted our day to be happy and calm. Even with the rain, I was calm because at that point I told myself,  ”I am marrying my best friend today and nothing is going to ruin that.”   



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