Destination Wedding – Falmouth, Cape Cod



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Becca & Coalan are artists living in Omaha, Ne. Becca is from Boston, Ma and Caolon is from Ireland and met years ago in San Francisco at a Halloween Party. When they were selecting their wedding spot, they decided upon Cape Cod as both of their families spent their summers there and it is a place that means so much to them both.  Leading up to the wedding, they collaborated on water color seascapes to give out as wedding favors. In Cape Cod, the day before the wedding, we shot a gorgeous session on the beach. They are SO in love and it was very touching to witness. The wedding took place at the historic Highfield Hall in Falmouth, Ma.  Becca picked out the perfect dress from Omaha vendor, Ready or Knot Wedding Chic.The ceremony was so charming with a lot of laughing and crying and the reception was wild with a dance floor that was out of control.


From the bride:
We adored working with Dana, and could not recommend her more highly!  From the moment we were engaged, we knew we wanted Dana to be our Cape Code destination wedding photographer.  Her photography is contemporary and classic–exactly the tone of our wedding–and the fit could not have been better.  Dana met with us several times before the wedding to discuss the types of photos we wanted, and she also used her vast knowledge to assist us in shaping the flow of the day itself. She was consistently available via phone and email, addressing any questions we had and helping keep the bride’s level of worry down!
Once we reached the location of our destination wedding, Dana used her own personal time on the days leading up to it to explore venues for the photos. During the day-before shoot, at the rehearsal dinner, and throughout the wedding, Dana created unique shots and collaborated with us to show our personalities.  Dana treated our families like royalty and truly helped us capture the intimacy of that special time.  Dana made us so comfortable to just be ourselves being in love, and she absolutely succeeded in translating this feeling into the photos.
We are ecstatic about the final set of photos and we really enjoyed the process.  In fact, our photo session with Dana is one of our personal highlights of the entire wedding weekend!


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