Joslyn Art Museum Wedding – Omaha,NE



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Joslyn Art Museum
When I got engaged I had a lot of ideas for our wedding, but definitely knew that I wanted at least part of the day outside and during the summer. There is an atmosphere, ambiance, and the pure joy of sunlight that comes from being outside.

Having a unique, fun experience for our guests was another top priority, and to me so much of that hinges on the environment and venue. I’ve always been drawn to the aesthetic of a beautiful white tent and having a tented reception was a way to insert a bit of our East Coast sensibilities into the wedding. A tent also offers a simple, blank slate to shape the decor. All of these factors weighed heavily on my decision.

On a weekend visit home (since I was planning from Philadelphia) I looked at three venues where we could potentially hold a tented reception. Each had their pros and cons, but I had grown up loving Joslyn and having gone to high school next door, it felt like home. In the end it became an easy, and meaningful choice.

Joslyn had never held an outdoor, tented wedding reception, which made this option even more attractive. It was exciting knowing we’d be creating a unique event that we could mold the to our liking. Of course, this is a double-edged sword and it came with its challenges. Having no precedent, everyone (caterers, florist, tent company) had to start from scratch.

With our arrangement at Joslyn, we truly found the best of both worlds. We held our ceremony in the beautiful atrium flanked by rays of natural sunlight and gorgeous Chihuly sculptures. We then moved outdoors for our cocktail hour and reception surrounded by the sculpture garden and with a wonderful view of Omaha’s downtown skyline.

All of the challenges, extra work, and fretting about the weather were worth it when we saw our vision come to life that day.

Our band proved one of our favorite elements of the reception. We decided early in the planning process that we must find an amazing and versatile band. Coincidentally, just weeks before our engagement, a friend was visiting from out of town and could literally not stop talking about a wedding band in Chicago – Entourage – that she had just heard play. Her nonstop praises obviously left an impression, and as we started our band search they were one of the first we reached out too. Hiring them was probably one of our best decisions. They MADE the party and we haven’t stopped receiving compliments since.

Though the big decisions were key, the small details were so much fun to conceive and implement. I really wanted to highlight Nebraska vendors when possible, which led us to working with Porridge Papers in Lincoln to letterpress the invitations and print the plantable coasters. In many ways “summer” dictated the ambiance for our wedding, so of course we needed ice cream as a cool treat to end the night! I knew from day one I wanted to serve ecreamery, which started as a local shop near my childhood home. We had a fun time creating the flavors and choosing their names to reflect us, and I know everyone appreciated it after the hours of dancing outside in the summer heat.

From the custom Omaha map and weekend itinerary we designed for the guests in their welcome boxes, to my great-grandmother’s antique lace tablecloth repurposed as our Chuppah Cover, to the Omaha Pedicab cycling us from Joslyn to the Hilton at the end of the night, we tried to personalize each and every detail to make it meaningful.

In the end it the entire weekend was truly the best representation of “us” as a couple. We could not have asked for a more beautiful three days surrounded by our family and friends.

Flowers: Kyle Robino
Hair/make-up: Bungalow/8
Dress: Vera Wang from Saks Jandel in Washington, DC (Dress and Veil), Valentino (Shoes)
Tent: Lincoln Tent
Linens/Rentals: AAA and Custom Runners & Bar Tablecloths (made by my mom)
Band/Ceremony Music: Entourage (Arlen Music Productions) from Chicago, IL
Grooms Attire: Ermenegildo Zegna (suit), Hermes (tie)
Rings: Custom Designed
Invitations & All Paper Design: Geoff (groom)
Invitation Letterpress Printing: Porridge Papers, Lincoln, NE
Cake: Chris Janicek, The Cake Box
did you have a wedding coordinator:- my mom, Francie Prier – a close family friend, and Candace at Joslyn did all the “coordinating” – Planning was just my mom and me
Wedding Photography: Omaha wedding photographer, Dana Damewood


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